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Enviro Homes


The thought of building a new home can be overwhelming, so we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

If your question isn’t answered below, just contact us for a chat about your new Enviro Home.

Is there an extra cost in building an enviro home?

The extra cost depends on how many of the enviro elements are included in your home. Any cost increase of say 10 — 20% is well off-set by having a warmer healthier home with minimal heating costs.

Can the contract price be fixed?

The contract price will be fixed. The only revisions to the price will be for adjustments to the PC Sums (kitchen, appliances etc) and any extra work the client requests.

What guarantee will I receive?

All Enviro Homes will have a 10 year MasterBuild Guarantee.

Will my enviro home be professionally assessed for thermal efficiency?

All Enviro Homes are “HomeStar” rated (conditional on orientation or section) and can be assessed with the very thorough “eco-rate” system.

I notice you have a number of standard plans. Can my home be specifically designed for me and my section?

The standard plans shown are samples only. Our Design team includes a  Registered Architect and Designer and we specialise in homes that are specifically designed with our clients input and relevant to the characteristics of the site.

How long is the design / build process?

For our standard designs we require 4-6 weeks to finalise the drawings and obtain Building Consent. The construction time would generally be between 16-26 weeks depending on the size of home. For bespoke designs, we would need to allow an extra 4-10 weeks for the design / engineering process.

We already have plans drawn. Can you price them and could the details be adapted to include the enviro principles?

Yes, we or our sister company, can price the plans you already have drawn. We can also adapt to include the enviro principles.

I have a family member or a friend in the industry. Could they help out?

This is an often asked question. We have no problem with this providing they are suitably qualified and are able to fit within our construction programme.

Who will be building my home?

We have teams of very experience builders. Our Builders and Contracts Supervisor are Licensed Building Practioners.

Can you do alterations and additions?

Alterations and additions are best undertaken by our sister company

Do you build “conventional” houses?

We are able to undertake “conventional” house construction. However this work and homes on challenging steep sites may be more suitable for

What about rural areas? Who is responsible for the waste systems and water supply?

We have considerable experience with rural sites and can make all the arrangements for water supply, tanks and bio-waste system etc.

In what regions of the country do you operate?

Our strength is in the Greater Wellington region including the Wairarapa and Kapiti Coast. However we undertake work in most regions of the country.